Samba shares not happening

Hello All,

I hope this haven’t been answered before, but I’ve searched the forums and can’t find this problem in particular. I’ve loaded samba and I can see OSMC from the network, but nothing more. None of my drives show. The osmc folder has library folders, but nothing else. log.smbd does have a few errors but it looks like it’s all related to printers (why is it trying to share printers?). Any pointers would be much appreciated.



Interesting development… I’m fairly certain that I rebooted to get this to work, and it didn’t. As a last ditch effort I unplugged one of the drives and plugged it back in. Voila, it appeared. So, I rebooted again, and now they’re all there. Not sure what the fix was, but it is fixed.

After you install Samba you will need to reboot or reconnect a drive before a share will get added for it, as it is done when the drive is mounted.

Right, and I said that I was fairly certain that I did reboot it…