Scaling of DVD subtitles

This is probably a Kodi thing rather than an OSMC thing, but I just thought I’d check.

If I’m watching a DVD zoomed to full screen, with subtitles, it looks the way you’d expect:

If I change the zoom level of the picture to 0.5, then the picture shrinks, as you’d expect. But the subtitles stay the same size and also stay in the same place on the screen:

I would have expected (and would prefer) the entire screen image to be smaller, subtitles included.

Does this happen with hardware acceleration disabled?


Yes, hardware or software doesn’t seem to make any difference to that.

I have seen this happen in the other direction as well… When you watch a 1080p or 4k video with .sub .idx (DVD) subtitles the subs looks blurry. While .srt, or .sup look nice and crisp.

I know this happens because .sub basically contains pictures of the text in DVD resolution that are placed under the main video you are playing. Meanwhile .srt is just a text directory with time stamps

But maybe there is a way to make it look nicer ?

Thanks for clarifying – this at least means it isn’t platform specific. Might be one for Kodi to look in to.