Scan to library movie/show input naming issue

When I use the Scan To Library feature with a folder/file that is named like “” it will bring up the window for me to specify the show/movie name. In the past I could highlight the backspace button and hold down the OK button on the remote & it would delete characters from the file name rapidly. Now when you hold down the OK button while backspace is highlighted it does not remove any characters, but starts backing you out of the different menus. This means with a filename like above you have to keep hitting OK on the remote like 50 times to get all the characters removed. This has been happening for several months now. Did a setting change that I can revert back to, or is this a bug? Additionally, I am not really sure if this is just an issue with the player in general or with an add-on. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

This would be a byproduct of the changes to the keymap I made with the long-press update. You can read more about that [here]. I did not anticipate this use case and added a long-press action to the OK button so when you were done inputting your text you could just hold down the OK button instead of having to navigate to that selection on the screen. In that article I linked to above it gives instructions on how to both disable the custom keymap or modify, either of which can return the previous behavior. If you only want to modify this one aspect and leave the rest of the new mappings the keymap you would need to act should be the following.

			<return mod="longpress"/>