Scheduling run of addon

hi people, got an issue with using callbacks, scheduler or similar addon on osmc.
I created an addon gathering external ip and make a little popup. works fine so far.

What i now want to do is to run after x mins. So either i rewrite it as a service addon or use cron/callbacks/scheduler to run it every x minutes.

So as im lazy and not want to recreate for now as a service addon, i wanted to test callbacks. I install from Kodi repo and it works till the point i choose an event like “player started” and click the test button an error pops up related events issues on line 182.

Checked google and stuff and could not find anything related so i thought this might be related to osmc as other seem to have no issue with this.

i use builtin-script option “RunScript(script.extip)”
(tested before via “xbmc executebuiltin RunScript(script.extip)”) and it works fine.

Any idea or possible solutions?

(to mention the other options: scheduler does not allow define minutes, xbmccron does not work at all maybe its too old)

I would be happy if anyone could check if callbacks is working in general on osmc, would be great. Else i will rewrite the addon as a service addon.

Best regards,

It would appear that there is an error or something it doesn’t like on line 182 of your code. I suggest that may be the best place to start looking.

Also you may get more responses posting in the kodi forums and this is a kodi issue not something unique to OSMC.

Hi, thanks for the answer so far…my addon has much less then 182 lines of code…
but it seems the callbacks has a problem somehow. I just thought someone could just try to install callbacks and setup a schedule to run a script and see if that works then.

So i will program a service addon makes more sense then as to bug with callbacks.

If you have less than 182 lines of code then the problem lies with the add-on you are using to call it. Again the kodi forum would be the best place to get an answer about that as it is a kodi issue not an OSMC one.