Scope skin osmc

The scope skin should be in the official osmc

i just updated osmc but cant find the scope skin

how do i enable it? or where can i gind it? i can download it too but it says its included so…

This is rather better suited for Kodi Forums, OSMC doesnt decide what skins should be included in Kodi

osmc has its own skin, this isnt a kodi skin

If successfully installed, go to ‘Settings/Interface/Skin’ and open the ‘Select skin’ option. The OSMC scope skin should be listed there.

yes osmc is succesfully installed, i even installed the skin (zip) from GitHub - osmc/skin.osmc

all succesfully, i did even select the osmc skin

but i can t find the scope skin…
or is it the same osmc skin?

but if its the same, i should have some scope options no?
i cant find it

This will cause problems with future updates. You’ll have to delete the skin.osmc folder created hereby. It’s to be found under /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/addons.

It’s a different skin named ‘OSMC skin (Scope edition)’. I’m wondering: did you see the notification telling you that it has successfully been installed once the installation was finished?
Also have a look in the addon manager under ‘User addons/Look & feel/Skins’. Maybe the skin is to be found there, but it’s disabled for some reason. Have a look whether it needs to be re-enabled.

i dont have a selectable different osmc scope edition skin, so its not installed

cant find it in the addon manager too

i did try to delete that folder but i cant ssh into it
it says wrong password

tried logging ini with root, and osmc without password

Unless you changed the password yourself, the default SSH login is “osmc” using the password “osmc”.

ok im in
whats the command to delete that folder?
or should i just backup my data , and do clean install and then restore backup

After clean install, still cant find the skin

possible to give the skin in zip file?

I think there might have been a misunderstanding. It is currently not preinstalled you still need to manually install it via ZIP.

You can download it here Release v18.2.0-scope: Merge pull request #160 from Ch1llb0/Mergefinalv18.2.0fixes · osmc/skin.osmc · GitHub

Download from the link fzinken listed above and put it on a thumb drive. Go to settings>add-on browser>install from zip file>(enable unknown sources if that pops up)>browse to you thumb drive where you saved it and click on the zip file. It will install and ask if you want to switch to it. If you didn’t click on the confirmation dialog box fast enough and it reverted to your previous skin then go to settings>interface>skin>and select OSMC Skin (scope edition) from there.

it works thx
time to play

i misinstalled wrong zip

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Sry for having missed this… Didn’t notice that you generally asked whether it has to be installed or whether it’s already shipped with OSMC.

Glad you’re sorted now :+1:t2:

no problem

Superb thx for the skin mate! i love it

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I’ve updated the scope skin zip to incorporate the March update fixes: Release v18.2.0-scope: Merge pull request #160 from Ch1llb0/Mergefinalv18.2.0fixes · osmc/skin.osmc · GitHub

Doesnt it auto-update?

It’s not part of the OSMC release (yet), no. Only the normal skin auto updates.

ok thx for the info

Is this part of the latest version nowadays?
Edit: i see thats its not
I do see it had several updates, very nice !