SD card broken?

Since last night I get a bootloop error with a sadface. Can’t get passed it and when I take the sdcard into the computer it doesn’t even exist? is the sdcard broken or corrupted? I can’t find it anywhere in my computer.

Edit: Do I have to buy a new one? It doesn’t show up in device manager either.

This has happened to me several times also. Reason is sd card corruption. Looks like OSMC corrupts SD card easily like raspbmc also did in beginning. Gonna try installing to USB next.

Been running smooth since alpha 3, no worries tons of reinstalls and reboots. And now on rc2 video was bugging so I tohught a reboot should fix the problem. Resultet in this. Gonna buy a new one tomorrow.

Yesterday my card got corrupted too. This is the 2nd time this happened.
Worst part is setting it up exactly like I had it. Ofc I first have to wait for the OSMC download servers to come back online…Perfect timing for server downtime haha

I really wish something would be done about this issue, though. It has existed since the first days of XBMC on Raspi.

You must be extremely unlucky - I’ve never had one go like that.
I’ve had a card reader destroy one, and several become apparently useless because the original RPi SD socket broke (I replaced 3 on different RPi’s rather than continue to mess about with bits of card to maintain contact).

You have tried them on a PC and found the card isn’t even recognised (as opposed to corrupted)?

What makes you think your issue is software based and could be fixed by some software fix ?

A long time ago (nearly 2 years ago) there was a bug in the Pi firmware that could cause SD card corruption when overclocked but that is long since fixed.

There was also a more recent incompatibility between the Pi 2 and a few particular models of SD card such as Samsung Evo cards that could lead to corruption - this was fixed with a workaround in the kernel 2-3 months ago.

Other than those there are no known software issues that would cause your file system to get corrupted. So if you’re not getting system hangs/freeze or pulling out the power without shutting down properly then file system corruption is going to be a hardware issue that software cannot fix for you.

Possibilities include (but are not limited to) poor/insufficient power adaptor, faulty Polyfuse on the Pi motherboard, faulty SD card, poor SD card contact in the socket, (happens a lot with the original Pi’s with the large SD sockets as the fingers lose their tension over time) excessive overclock, faulty Pi, etc…

So there is no magic wand that we can wave to fix your problem for you, in fact we have no idea what the cause of your problem will be unless you can at the very least supply some debug logs taken when the problem occurred, and explain any circumstances around the time when the problem occurred.