SD Card full - Pi2 OSMC A4


I am new to OSMC and Raspberry PI but I really like it.
I have a PI2 and installed OSMC Alpha 4 on an 8 GB SD-card.

I have installed the Add-On Pulsar and some LiveTV.

After a while my SD-card is full, there is no more free storage and I am not able to stream anything anymore using Pulsar.
I cleared the Pulsar cache but I do not see any space on the SD-card being freed up.
How can I free-up data on my SD-card again? I am assuming it are files downloaded by Pulsar eventhough I checked the option in Pulsar to remove the files are watching.

Thanks in advance.

Since Pulsar addon being a non official addon and probably will be on the banned addonslist soon , you better talk to the addon author.

What would be a good replacement for Pulsar? Like I said Iā€™m new to this whole thing and having a hard time finding good information about all add-ons around.

Pulsar is not (as of now) deemed to be an addon for the explicit purpose of infringing copywrite and therefore banned from discussion/support. If you need pulsar specific support though, Kodi Community Forum is a good place to get it.

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So downloading and seeding torrents is not infringing copyrights?

Is it your understanding that every torrent on the interwebs infringes someones copyright? Because I can assure you that this is not the case. Regardless, if you read the link I provided above, Pulsar itself does not develop or provide ANY provider modules that link to illegal content. So what then about Pulsar infringes copyright?

By your logic used here, Kodi itself would fall into a provider of copyright infringing programs.

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