SD keeps unmounting during OSMC install

Hi guys,

I’ve had my pi for a few months now, and it was working fine, but I decided to remove OSMC from it and replace it with Raspbian. After having erased OSMC, I decided against it anyways so I wanted to reinstall, but while doing so, my SD card unmounted itself during the install and caused the install to fail. Afterwards, the SD wasn’t readable and I had to reformat it. I’ve gone through this process multiple times now, and eventually figured the SD was corrupt… So I ordered a brand new SD from a different brand, except that its doing the exact same thing during the install.

In the mean time, I’ve tried rebooting my macbook using the PRAM method, installing an earlier version instead of the latest… I’m at loss here. I’ve enclosed the installer log below, it’ll expire after a week but I’m happy to reupload it any time.

TL;DR - Micro SD keeps unmounting during OSMC install for RPI 3 using Macbook Pro Retina, OS Sierra

INSTALL LOG pastebin install log

Please upload the log to

There have been reports that the final phase of the installation can fail on Macs because of a problem re-mounting the SD card. In such cases, the card should be bootable but will require manual network configuration later on.

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This will only be problematic if he uses preseeding, and even then
the SD card would still boot.

Thank you for your reply! I’ll try booting the card anyways to see how it goes :slight_smile: