Seeking past end of video freezes on last frame and doesn't close the video

I have a issue where on some but not all videos if I am jumping around a video with the arrow keys and I go past the end of the video the picture just sticks with the last one showing and sits forever without closing the video. Nothing is actually frozen for the system and I can close it by hitting the stop button but this still feels like a bug.

Letting the video play normally and having it get to the end does close it properly. But I find with my remotes stop button being really small and annoying to hit without looking that I prefer to end a video by just hitting up to do a 10 minute jump easily enough to get past long credits.

debug log

right around 16:04:15 is where I seeked past the end then left it for a bit before seeking again out of boredom finally I gave up and just hit stop

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I’ve got the same “problem”. Luckily it doesn’t crash Kodi or OSMC.

I’ve had this problem for about year or so. Not the biggest deal, but a little annoying. I’m on the latest release of Raspbmc. Raspberry Pi B1.

A sample file that shows the issue would be useful.

Here is the smallest sample I could find that has this issue.