Selecting Wifi after installation and scrol to powerdown menu

I have used Raspbmc for long time and have now bought two Pi’s 2 and am experimenting with OSMC. Thanks Sam as first impression looks good, snappy and nice user interface. However are there a few things which I cannot get to work or may be are these functionalities not yet there!
The questions I have are:
In Raspbmc was it possible to switch between “cable” network and wifi.
As I am experimenting at a location without Wi-Fi I use the network connection. I can not find however once the configuration is working and I want to move the Pi to a location with only wifi, how to select Wi-Fi as in Raspbmc. There I went into the raspbery setting menu an could select type of network, Wi-Fi, select SSID and enter the WPA key.
-Is this not yet available?
-Will it become available?
-Or did I overlook the setting for this?
Working without keyboard ly mouse, I cannot scol down to the power button.
What do I wrong?
Thanks for the answers to my questions


Network settings can be configured via My OSMC-> Network


Thanks for your prompt response. Apologizes I should have looked deeper into this as:
a- The wireless adapter was not installed; thus no possibility to activate, which sounds logical
b- disconnecting keyboard did allow to scroll mouse to power down.
Again thanks for your be so instrumental in developing OSMC

We will update our skin to support mice shortly