Send commands IR with CEC


I begin with the RPi2 and I will like to know if it is possible to control my stereo hifi with infra red (for the audio volume) via the CEC.
Currently, with my Sony TV, I control KIDO with CEC, but I will wish to add an infrared output that will increase the volume of the stereo hifi when I press a button on the remote control via the CEC.
I hope I manage to make myself understood …


No one to help me?
I would just like to know if this is possible or not, and if so, with what tools?

Thank you!

I continue to search.
I try to send “POWER ON” with irsend but it doesn’t work. But it work when i do it with Raspbian.
I do these commands :

Which file I must to modifie to say "when you receiv this command with CEC, you must send this IR command to GPIO out number 21.

Is it possible?