Send keyboard commands via Harmony remote

Hey guys,

I am having issues with OSMC not accepting keyboard commands sent via my Harmony remote to the IR receiver. I have it set up as per this thread, and most the commands work just not keyboard commands (K and numbers for example).
I’ve had a look around and cannot find anyone running into this issue, so maybe it’s just the way I have the device added in Harmony itself?


What kind of IR receiver ?

Please enable debugging in Kodi, try pressing the buttons that are not working then upload full debug logs from the log uploader.

Hey there,
Sorry about the delay, got a little caught up in The Witcher 3.

This is the IR reciever I am using with my Logitech Harmony Smart Remote, and here is the log dump. Not sure what you needed so I selected everything. I have “K” set as my Update Library button, but it isn’t working (numbers 1-9 working as intended). I hit it on the wireless keyboard I have plugged in as well and wait for the update to finish, then hit the button on the Harmony and nothing.

I noticed at the start of the log it says “keyboard.xml not found” although it is there, and it is picking up the keybinds when used via the keyboard?