September update has broken my audio also

Have the Vero 4k and just installed the September update. My audio is set as 3.0 channels as I have left, right and centre speakers.
My audio is fed to the tv over HDMI and then over HDMI arc down to the amp.

Audio now seems to be feeding rear channel audio to the front speakers.

This has worked well whether pass through is enabled or not.

Anyway, just watching a show I recorded off channel 4 and the stereo audio on the adverts arc is fine, but as soon as the show starts with aac 5.1 audio the rear audio is sent to the front and you don’t get any dialogue.

I’ve set kodi as 2.0 audio temporarily and this has at least returned stereo audio correctly.

Help please!


Check this out:


You can now update via My OSMC -> Updater to resolve this problem.


Thanks Sam, that’s working now.

Just a thought, but if the amlogic driver is having issues mapping audio to the correct speaker in differeby setups then it might be useful to create a utility so that users can play test sounds and map the audio to the correct speaker.

Indeed. This should all be doable via alsa but the alsa drivers aren’t behaving themselves atm.

speaker-test is meant to do that (you need ALSA utils)