Setup Advice

I’m replacing my W10 Laptop Kodi install with a Vero 4k+ as I have a new 4k TV which the Laptop is unable to support.

Currently, I have USB drives attached to the Laptop, and software on the Laptop to manage metadata etc of the media.

I will continue to have the Laptop connected to the TV as I often need to load up Chrome, Excel etc.

I also have another Laptop that’s running a Plex Server for media to the In-Laws who live in a Granny Annex, and currently, this pulls some of the media files over the LAN from the Kodi Laptop.

Do I move the USB drives directly to the Vero, or continue to share them over the LAN?

Obviously, I don’t want to put a strain on the Vero box, but want to get the best performance out of it with 4k content.

Well there is no reason to not move it to the Vero especially as the Vero compared to the laptop would be a always on device

I’ve moved the drives to be local to the Vero 4k+, but the transfers speed over the LAN are painfully slow - presumably because they are now connected to USB2 rather than USB3 on the laptop.

Will the Vero 4k+ be happy to pull 50Gb of 4k video over the LAN as I think I’m going to have to put the drives back on the Laptop.

USB2 is fast enough for 4K.
How are the drives formatted? Avoid NTFS if possible

Well that should be fine if you have a Gigabit network. But USB2 shouldn’t be the main bottleneck as it still should give you around 300 MBit.