Setup of my new Vero 4K beauty box (Prefered share, SMB, NFS ? and like)

Hi here…

I am sorry, i accendently submitted an non finished thread, so therefore i am edding it now :sunglasses:

So i just recieved my box yesterday, and while setting it up i ran into some minor issues with my shares from my Readynas.

I can choose between different protocols on that NAS, and i want to know which one is best for sharing video (mostly .mkv 1080/720p) and family-pictures.

  • What do you use out there for this ?

I will proberly ask more quistions along the line, but prefer to have one issue solved at a time…

Hoping someone can answer my first quistion ?

Rgds; Jesper

NFS would be giving you the best performance. Samba only makes sense if you want to access from Windows in a similar way.

Thanks… I just setup my NAS for NFS sharing, it’s working good!

Rgds; Jesper.