Setup PPTP for OSMC (May 2017 2017.05.02)

Hi all I have been trying to setup PPTP VPN so a can run OSMC/Kodi in any country without being hindered by geoblocking. So far using ConnManager without any succes. I have been following a thread on this forum where it was suggested to replace ConnManger by Network-Manager. I followed these instruction and all worked flawless. Now it was also advised NOT to setup the Network-Manger stack and stay with the ConnManager. I understand such reasoning, yet this will not resolved my problem. Has anyone worked out a WORKING setup with ConnManager.

Thanks, for now I stay with Network Manager

I don’t think anyone has suggested that on this forum. They certainly shouldn’t have.

Many people use OpenVPN with OSMC. Just follow the HOW-TO on the forum