Share Recorded TV

Howdy. I researched my last two questions and couldn’t find answers, but they kind of self-resolved after I posted here.

I have successfully used Kodi/OSMC running on a Pi to record TV shows. I’m using ServerWMC on the Pi, and connecting to a stand-alone XMBC v13 installation running on a Win7 PC, which also has ServerWMC and a Ceton InfiniTV4 card.

I can use Kodi/OSMC to watch shows recorded on XBMC/Win7, but I cannot use XBMC/Win7 to watch shows recorded from Kodi/OSMC. I don’t see an option to share the recorded shows, but I’m probably missing a config setting somewhere.

Thanks in advance,


Simplisticly, ServerWMC seems to be based on the use of smb shares, so what you need is to share the folder(s) on the Pi where the shows ar recorded.
You might need to share more configuration info to get where you want, or you may need to do a bit of reading.
Have you read the info in /etc/samba/ ?