Share usb hard drive over network?

Can someone point out how I can share the contents of a USB attached disk over the network, using osmc as the host.

This build is not ready for that yet.

I’d really like this feature! Currently my osmc is using a usb hdd to store all the media, but if I ever want to put any more stuff on it I have to disconnect everything to plug it into my pc - If I could access the drive over the network it would make my life a lot easier!

It will be included, just not yet

Couldn’t you get your desired functionality by setting up FTP on OSMC
and using FileZilla or WinSCP to push stuff to it that way? That’s how
I’m adding media to my installation (although I’m using a USB stick, not
a HDD on my Alpha-4 installation on a Pi B – I plan on updating my Pi
B+ with HDD when OSMC moves to full release). Or am I misunderstanding
the original question?

There’s not even any need for FTP… Filezilla and winscp both support sftp using osmc:osmc as username: password with nothing extra to configure.