Shares problem

Now that i got the super small device i want to play with it. After making a terrible mistake with the remote i finally came to adding video files.
Here’s the thing.
The shares on my Synology NAS do show up when i search for them, i can add them also, even to favorites.
But they stay empty, " No video files found on this location"

I had to reset permissions on the Nas, because i got an other ip-address than my previous player.
None of ny shares will mount.
What did i forget?


Are they samba or nfs shares.

Logs showing the issue will probably help as well:

How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

Thanks Tom.

They are nfs shares.


I would double check that the vero4k IP addresses is allowed in the nfs rules, under hostname or IP* for the share or shares your are trying to access:

for example I’ve allowed all devices on my lan access:

Or you could just add the vero4ks IP.

Thanks Tom.

I did that, like i said, i had to change the ip-address because the Vero got a newer address than my the Eminent.I have 1 of the shares working, but the other ones won’t, same permissions.


From the command line:

issue: showmount -e ip.of.nas

And confirm the share that isn’t working is listed.

Thanks Tom.

When i use Terminal app om the Mac to ssh i get this06_1

You need to enter the actual ip address of your NAS.


So i learn every day…18_1

I’ll start fresh in the morning.


Which share is working?

I’m guessing its /volume1/films

Also from looking at the allowed IPs for the shares on, you have 2 separate networks: &

If so it could be a routing issue.

If not, it may be easier just to set hostname or IP*, for all shares to:

Thanks Tom.

None of the listed shares were working. Another share did work.
I tried to play a1080p movie, it took 10 minutes to buffer, it played for 3 seconds, than it froze.
Seeing all the problems i am facing with this box, i have decided to return this device.
it only gave me stress for not connecting, not playing well on this one share i finally got to work.
So what i need is a return address so i can send the box back .


To return contact you will need to include your order number.

I think we can get you up and running if you could please provide debug logs, details to found here:

Thanks Tom.

Mail sent, but since i already packed the box there are no longer send any debug logs.

That’s a shame. It’s likely a configuration issue and we could have helped you with this. It’s likely that any other device you use as a replacement will have the same issues; but you may not be able to get the same level of support that you would have got here.


You have mail.

Just for the case that anyone stumbles across this thread and hesitates to buy a vero. I run the same setup, a Synology NAS in the local network with all files shared via NFS and it runs flawlessly.
It definitely has to be a configuration problem.

This is what we suspect. Unfortunately the customer didn’t give us much of a chance to work out the issue and they have now initiated the return process.