Shitty Upgrade Experience

I appreciate the hard work everyone puts into the project, but I can’t believe the upgrade and downgrade procedures are so shitty.

Without warning, my OSMC box upgraded to Krypton, updating my mysql database before I had a chance to back it up. Since, you know, I was avoiding upgrading until I could do backups and bring all my Kodi boxes online the same version at the same time.

Even then though, assuming the mysql data can be rescued, the only fucking solution is a complete reinstall? Despite the fact that I can ssh into the box and run apt installs? The only solution is a complete reinstall when I have the box already hooked up to the internet, with all my settings in place? The only solution is a complete reinstall even though I don’t have an sd card reader at the moment so I can’t fucking reinstall? And the apt packages for old versions are taken offline so you can’t even try to get the box in the same state it was yesterday. Ugh.

This experience has been nothing but frustrating and the lack of any downgrade support and any warnings that dangerous upgrades are taking place is terrible.

Bullshit… The upgrade programatically cannot occur without user confirmation. Also, the upgrade came with a special warning this time. It looks like this.

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Dude I didn’t get that dialog on either of my OSMC boxes. At all. At all.

Just double checked with my other OSMC box, went to OSMC updates, and certainly didn’t get that dialog:

There are no warnings there of any sort of major version upgrade, database incompatibility, backup requirements, or anything. Looks just like a minor version update.

If you manually check for updates you won’t get it, as users usually manually check after reading the blog announcement

If you can ssh in then a reinstallation is not necessary, unless you want to downgrade to Jarvis. It’s possible to downgrade but not trivial.

Yes I’m trying to downgrade to Jarvis since all my other Kodi boxes are running Jarvis and I’ve not upgraded them yet.

Is there a list of packages that are touched by the Krypton upgrade that I can manually downgrade to get back to where I was? Although the apt mirrors don’t have the .deb files anymore, they’re all still in /var/cache/apt/archives.

I just can’t figure out what packages/versions to downgrade to.

You could likely get away with


And, regardless, I still think it’s bad that there’s no hint that the manual upgrade is about to do a major version bump and update mysql DBs without user confirmation.

“[As] users usually manually check after reading the blog announcement” or, you know, just when they want to see if minor updates are available? Like every time in the past?

I mean, you guys clearly think it’s an issue, which is why you have some sort of warning like ActionA posted above. But the warning doesn’t do any good if upgraders don’t see it, like in this case, and the upgrade can’t be undone.

I did a manual upgrade via myOSMC on my ATV1 from a clean jarvis install and I in fact got the update warning.
On my vero 2 I got the warning when it auto updated.
i know that team members tested on their Pis before Krypton got publicly released and they did get warnings.

Yet… A pi3 user has said he didn’t get the warning and one of the dev team just tested with a clean jarvis install on a pi3 and he didn’t get the full special warning on autoupdate.

Are you using a pi ? If so, which model ?
Which version were you running before the upgrade to v17 ?
Possibly a weird pi only bug ?

FWIW: Every major version jump of Kodi that I’ve used, has had a database change, and addon compatibility issue. Much like upgrading from any other major point release of an OS.
That’s why I personally never allow my systems (Android phones, tablets, laptops, etc) to install updates automatically. Especially so with Kodi and addons.

Not that that helps much for you at this point.

As you have other kodi boxes… Why not use the backup add-on to make a backup on your network from a v16 Install… Reinstall the final v16 release of OSMC/kodi, install the backup add on, and do a recovery from your image? Probably 5 minutes worth of work (plus a few moments to enjoy a beverage of your choice).
And if you have a five below or Walmart or Comparable store near you, usb/SD adapters are a couple of bucks (probably less than the cost of your beverage of choice).

Just don’t forgot to take a picture of your pi codec keys first :slight_smile:

Actually even that step is not needed anymore since the latest update. The licenses are added into the firmware if they are activated successful once.

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Well that is brilliant! Is this automatic for those of us who have been upgrading the same devices for some time? If not, any commands that we can issue to trigger the burn in of the codec into the firmware?

@jbco your database is not lost. When Kodi updates the database, it actually creates a new database. The old Jarvis installs will still use the old database, the new Krypton install will use the new database.

You can verify this my logging into the system where the database is running and run this command:

osmc@kaled:~$ mysql -u user -ppassword
Type ‘help;’ or ‘\h’ for help. Type ‘\c’ to clear the current input statement.

mysql> show databases;
| Database |
| information_schema |
| kodi_music56 |
| kodi_music60 |
| mysql |
| performance_schema |
| xbmc_video108 |
| xbmc_video93 |
| xbmc_video99 |
14 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Notice all the versions of xbmc_video and kodi_music? Those are the various versions of the database for each different version of Kodi that you’ve used.

You can continue to use the old Jarvis installs and the new Krypton installation. The only problem will be that play history won’t sync, and newly added items will only show up or Jarvis or Krypton (depending on where they were scanned)


Should be automatic, just delete it from config.txt and reboot and verify that it is still active

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