Should I update?

Hi Sam,

Following the release of the December update, a lot of “can’t play this and that” topics appeared it seemed to me.
So, naturally, I am reluctant to apply the update.
What would be your advice?
Are there some real bugs in the update, or what is the situation?

If you’re using Samba and a NAS you might need to change a single setting. That should be the only potential problem.

You can of course hold back on updating if you’re reluctant to do so. We have seen about 300,000 users update so far, so the forums are quite quiet in retrospect


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I can’t advice you what to do, but I can tell you that I have updated both of my Vero 4K and have not had any issues at all :slight_smile:

Hi Sam,
Your stats will certainly be better than mine, I might have gotten a wrong impression.

I am using a NAS and samba via fstab mounting - please specify the mentioned necessary changes.

If you are using fstab mounting there is no change necessary. That was only for Kodi based SMB access where the NAS should be set to SMB3 (but wouldn’t harm to do that also when using FSTAB)

I am already using smb3…
What is the quickest way to backup osmc in case something goes wrong and I have to do a clean installation?
Looking up Linux commands is instructive but takes quite some time each time :slight_smile:

Well depends on what you want to backup. You could use the Backup function from MyOSMC which backs up all the Kodi settings or you could search this forum for backup scripts that backup the whole installation

It really comes down to that single setting… fortunately I already enabled SMB3 on my Synology months ago because you could not browse samba shares after a security update on many linux based systems.

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I just would not want to rewrite the fstab and advancedsettings.xml and the sources

copy /home/osmc/.kodi/ and /etc/fstab somewhere safe then copy them back after the upgrade.

If you’re using fstab, you wouldn’t need to make Samba changes.
But if you see no benefit in updating, then you can stay on the old version of OSMC up until December 2018 and still maintain an upgrade path.