Shows and movie not showing up on Raspberry PI

After reviewing the posts that talk about this issue I have decided to open a new post since I do not find an answer. I have reviewed name files and they seem to be ok.

I have just 1 out 11 movies that is not showing up and 2 out 3 TV shows that are not showing up either. Each of them are in a different folder. Episodes are in a separate folder too.


  • Raspberry PI Model 3 B
  • Aeon Nox skin for OSMC
  • External hard drive with a folder for Movies and another one for TV Shows
  • A different video source for each of those folders mentioned above

I captured the .log file but not sure what I need to do with it.


Provide the URL that is shown after upload

Months later… I finally did it. I felt so frustrated that I stopped using my Raspberry Pi but I decided to try to fix it so… here is the link for the logs:

I have 4 TV Shows and only one (Better Call Saul) is not showing on the TV Shows menu.

For Movies is the same, just one (Captain Philips) is not showing up.

According to the log, you have 4 TV shows and 7 movies on the database.

What’s the output from running these commands:

sqlite3 ~/.kodi/userdata/Database/MyVideos107.db
select c00,  idparentpath from tvshow_view;
select c00 from movie_view;