Shutting down, or leaving on Raspberry Pi 2

OSMC skin:
When I am done watching, tv, I leave raspberry Pi on, (which I read it should not be turned off), Sometimes I switch my harmony to watch regular tv, or shut the tv off. When I go back (next day for example), the osmc screen is frozen, and i have to unplug the raspberry pi and plug back in (which i read isn’t good). I tried going to power, and exit, but when i came back, the screen was blank, and again I had to unplug and re plug.
Any thought would be appreciated.

Could it be that the screensaver is on and it appears to be frozen or blank? I normally turn it off. I would also suggest trying one of the Kodi remotes on iOS or Android to see if you can access it when it appears to be frozen. $.02

Try to disable CEC in Kodi settings! This worked for me. Seems like you don’t use CEC since you use a Harmony remote, just like I do. When I had this issue, raspbmc would not respond to the remote or to the web interface. However I could still SSH into it, have you tried that? After upgrading to OSMC stable I had the same issue and disabling CEC-support resolved it again. CEC is not enabled in my TV nor in my Amp.

I will shut off the screen saver, and see if that helps. Also, am using a phone charger for power supply, that could also be an issue. I’ll keep you posted and appreciate your help.

When you say is normally turn it off what steps do you use to turn it off and then turn it back on.

System>Settings>Appearance>Screensaver>Screensaver Mode>None

This may not be the issue, but I found I had problems with my various installs of Kodi not being able to get it out of the screensaver mode. This could make it looked locked up or frozen.

I would also recommend getting a quality power supply for the RPi. I had so many small glitches that were the result of a cell phone charger not delivering enough amps to the RPi. I tested four that I had with a volt-meter and was surprised on the degree of differences on what they actually deliver. So I bought one from Adafruit and have had no issues since.

Here are a couple notes from when I tested the PS:
- Anything above 4.75 and below 5.25 Volt (DC) is within the 5% range which is good.
- Test the power supply by powering the RPi and use a volt meter set to V-DC 20, red tip to TP1 (below and to the left of the RPi logo) and the black tip to TP2 (next to yellow analog video connection).

TP1 and TP2 have no relevance for an Rpi2…