Side loading omsc and Chrystal hd Broadcom BCM70015

Had my atv1 running for sometime know with open elec on the HD and it was giving me problems so I side loaded omsc and it worked great again so I purchased the BCM70015 put the atv back to the original software installed the HD card and reinstalled the thumb drive it boot up and when I check I did not see that theHD card recognized and when I tryed to play video is was all choppy and broken up been reading lots and still not finding my problem so I would like to know when I install my HD card what version of omsc should I be loading on my thumb drive and does that version have the drivers that active the card any help would be great,keep up the good work

You just need to install the CrystalHD card.

OSMC will automatically recognise it on the next boot

Okay I will let u know how I make out,thank

Installed the card and then the thumb drive plug it in and it took awhile but is working I can watch HD streams,I have a question when I go into settings under video should I be able to see where it recognizes the crystal HD card (I seen this in a previous post) I don’t see it but I see that it is set on 1080p,great site keep up the great job love learning

SSH in

dmesg | grep “Crystal”