Since august update Live Tv buffer every 10 sec when in background


Since august update some of the channel on Live Tv when running under background every 10 sec there is a buffer notification, with a sound drop. When you put live TV back on display. There is a massive lag with no audio but video which rapidly changes and everything goes back to sync.

It’s funny if you not hide the video in the background this does not happen.

This was not happening before the august update.


I had similar issues previously, and the adding advancedsettings.xml under /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/ folder solved the issue, i have no buffer issues these days… here is my .xml file’s content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <timecorrection>0</timecorrection>  <!-- Correct all times (epg tags, timer tags, recording tags) by this amount of minutes. -->
  <infotoggleinterval>3000</infotoggleinterval>  <!-- If there is more than one pvr gui info item available (e.g. multiple recordings active at the same time), use this toggle delay in milliseconds. -->
  <minvideocachelevel>60</minvideocachelevel> <!-- Cache up to this level in the video buffer buffer before resuming playback if the buffers run dry. -->
  <minaudiocachelevel>60</minaudiocachelevel> <!-- Cache up to this level in the audio buffer before resuming playback if the buffers run dry. -->
  <cacheindvdplayer>true</cacheindvdplayer> <!-- Cache PVR stream in DVDPlayer. -->
  <channeliconsautoscan>true</channeliconsautoscan> <!-- Automatically scan user defined folder for channel icons when loading internal channel groups. -->
  <autoscaniconsuserset>false</autoscaniconsuserset> <!-- Mark channel icons populated by auto scan as "user set". -->
  <numericchannelswitchtimeout>1000</numericchannelswitchtimeout> <!-- Time in ms before the numeric dialog auto closes when confirmchannelswitch is disabled. -->
  <lingertime>60</lingertime> <!-- Limits how far "back" the PVR guide goes from the current time. Time given in minutes. -->

hope it helps.