Since March update the "Mute HDMI audio ouput" option fails for AAC 2.0 encoded files


In my KODI Settings I have the “Mute HDMI audio ouput” option checked because the sound always has to be redirected to the SP/DIF output, and no sound should come to the TV.

But since the latests update when I play some “AAC 2.0” files the sound is also sent to the TV and I have to manually mute the volume of the TV. That’s not the case for other files.

Here are my System/Audio settings, that have not changed since the begining :

  • Output is “Default, PCM”
  • 5.1
  • Output configuration “Optimized”
  • Passthrough is ON
  • 2 compatibilities only: “AC-3” and “DTS”.
  • DSP audio is off

I Hope this information enough to help.


If you are using SPDIF, you should configure it as 2 channels.

Can you post a debug log (with dmesg) included that shows this problem?


I can reproduce this. Muting does not work for 48k streams but does for 44.1k. No idea why, yet but will investigate.

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Will ticket this on JIRA

This is should be fixed now.