Six-Digit-Clock (with Seconds Display) onto the Main Screen?.:-)

Hallo experienced Users!
I have one Question: Normally the Main Screen shows a 4-Digit-Clock Without Seconds.:unamused: Is there a posibilita to change this to a Six-Digit-Clock with Seconds Display?
I searched for Format Strings like “%T” or “%H:%M” in many of the .Xml files of the OSMC Skin with the Help od Grep, but I didn’t find anything…:confused: Where I must “hack” some .Xml files to get a Clock with Seconds Disolay?
Thanks a lot! CUL8A!

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In Includes.xml, find [System.Time] and replace with [System.time(hh:mm:ss)]

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Oh, thank you, Grahamh…:slightly_smiling_face: I have implemented it and it works! :smiley:

It may not survive a distro update unless you clone the skin and make the change in the clone, all as described in the Skinning Manual.

Yes, I know.:slightly_smiling_face: But I also can rename the Skin after entering the Shell before Updating…:smile:

Thanks a lot for this small guide! It’s just a very small adjustement, but I like the time format with seconds better :slight_smile::+1:t2: