Skin changes lost after a reboot

Hi there, on my Raspberry Pi3 I am running the latest Krypton test build. Everytime I change something under skin settings it gets set to default after a reboot. I just found out that if a make a change, shutdown the Pi & power it back up the changes are stored? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


How do you shutdown the pi? Provide a set of logs please.

The shutdown of the Pi is ether by SSH or in OSMC self, here is the log:

Are you making skin changes with GUI or by editing the file?

In the GUI/Settings of OSMC itself :slight_smile:

This is not a complete set of logs.

Well what kind or type of log do you need? I got multiple export options.

Since you indicate that you are familiar with SSH, just send grab-logs -A

There it is:
(Ignore the media-missing errors)

13:47:18.038 T:1734792176 WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings

There may be some corruption in your guisettings.xml file. Try renaming it and then restart mediacenter and reconfigure.

What skin are you using? Why do you think setting gpu_mem=320 is necessary? You should revert your overclock back to default. This may be causing instability at shutdown time and creating the issue. Such a small overclock over default isn’t really even going to produce any perceivable improvements.

Renamed guisettings.xml and rebooted, a new xml was created. Checked the new log but the CSkinInfo error is still there. I use the Estuary skin and the overclock settings came from Kodi 16 it did’nt playback my HEVC/H.265 movies that well. I’ll remove the overclock and update you on the results.

Well here it is the latest log:
I can still see the error but my settings are saved even after a few reboots. So far so good :slight_smile:

It’s only a warning, not an error, and is quite possibly unrelated. Was just something that caught my eye so I mentioned it. It’s also present in all my logs. Anyway, enjoy!

Thank you so much for all of your help and even learning me a new command on SSH: grab-logs -A. My first day here, thanks again for the support :slight_smile:

Same problem here, my skin settings (Aeon MQ 7, made via Kodi GUI) are lost after a reboot even after the latest OSMC update. Here is my log:

It started with Krypton, before that I never had this problem.

I also have this little issue but i thinks it’s possibly there’s a little bug present on current Estuary Skin… for example i obtain sometime (but very rarely) when i turn on my Pi2 i see the OSMC Skin it’s setted and i need to reselect Estuary and i need to reconfigure some option:

  • for example i need to return the http chorus and need to reput my user pass and set port to 80 instead 8080
  • And need to reset language to italian because when obtain value…

I thinks it’s a estuary bug… i have read over internet this skin have obtain so many report of bug when it’s released…

Well, that’s possible but I have the same problem with Aeon MQ 7. So maybe the problem is somewhere else.

Problem on all my skins here. Ofc to see the problem you have t actually make some skin changes and not run default.

is this actually being recognised as a fault? as im having the same problem on both of my pi3’s using the Estuary Skin?

i have tryed to take a look on official estuary skin thread on kodi forum… apparently i don’t have found nothings about some possibly bug…