Skin headache

I have several pi-3s working with latest OSMC 20.1
tried couple of skins and they trashed my setup. 2 different pi,s so reformatted them installed fresh OSMC first installed several skins no troubles until I started to scan in my library and now the crashing begins !!

Here is the log. hastebin

I would recommend to dump your userdata then NOT install again a skin that is not compatible with the version of Kodi your running. If your going to install a very easy to break skin you should do a bit more reading up before installing it. Also, any support for skin problems should be directed towards the skin dev, not here. If you dump your userdata and with a stock skin it still crashes during library updates and you want help then you would need to provide a full log set.

Dumping a user data? It was a new formatted card no data also I thought the Skins built in to kodi are already been tested why else would they list them


repository.bingie v1.0.2 installed
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That repository was installed but the web link was dead and never got the skin. Google search showed it the best look alike of netflix skin. So I went a head installed the ones from Kodi.