Skin issues

Ever since I bought a Vero 4K around Xmas time, I have found that both out of the box, and at subsequent clean installs, changing the skin to Estuary during the set-up wizard appears to work but then never survives the first re-boot. However changing the skin after the re-boot sticks and all is well.

Today though I had a more nagging problem. I did a clean install of 2018.04-1 and as usual, the change to Estuary did not survive the first re-boot. No problem I thought, I’ll change again and all will be well - except that it wasn’t - no matter what I did, the OSMC skin kept coming back. So I repeated with a clean install of 2018.03-2 and had the same problem. I then restored my configuration backup file and the Estuary skin started working properly.

Is this a known issue and are there any prospects for this to be fixed?

Just checked here - I can swap to Estuary and back with a reboot after each swap and the setting sticks. But I haven’t done a clean install in a while.

If it happens again, it would be worth knowing if other config settings stick.

I understand @ac16161 that way that the settings in the “setup-wizard” are affected , so means when you’re asked for language, region and the skin to use, etc. on first boot after fresh installation.

@ac16161 Can you confirm?

To clarify, issue I have always had has been as follows: if during a clean install (including the day I unboxed the Vero), I change the skin during the set-up wizard, the change of skin appears to work and I accept it. I re-boot, then the OSMC skin comes back. I then go to the settings and change the skin again, Estuary once again appears, but this time Estuary survives re-booting and all is well.

Today I happened to do a clean install of 2018.04-1, and as usual the Estuary change in the wizard worked but then switched back to OSMC on first re-boot. However, when I changed it to Estuary again, this time it kept switching back to OSMC every re-boot. Restoring my configuration backup file restored Estuary permanently.