Skin Settings during Installation fail

When I reinstall OSMC on Vero 4K or Vero 4K+ with the following settings, the skin settings are not applied:

  • English
  • Europe/Berlin
  • SSH enabled
  • Wired network enabled, static IP
  • Wait for Network enabled
  • Classic UI

After a reboot of OSMC, the Classic UI is gone and the OSMC-UI is enabled.

It’s not a big problem, because when chosing Classic UI again it is actually applied, but nevertheless I wanted to report that.

Best regards

Try to configure again and then select “exit” instead of reboot and wait for Kodi to restart. Does this result in changes being saved?

I do actually select “Exit”. The Classic UI is then up. But after some time I restart OSMC manually and OSMC-UI is enabled so Classic UI has to be rechosen again.

This is still reproducable as described above with current 2019.07-1.

Since this appears to be an issue very unique to you, I’d suspect that the Classic skin is the issue.

Logs may help narrow it down. If you can, post logs after the skin is switched back the OSMC skin.

This is what I am thinking as well. I am not aware of any skin that goes by the name “Classic” and it is not in the official repo. It sounds like you may have manually installed an old skin that does not have support for the current version of Kodi.

With “Classic” skin I actually mean Kodis default skin “Estuary” which is not an unsual skin I guess. This is by default integrated into OSMC (during install one can decide between OSMC skind and “Estuary”).

I will try to upload logs after during a clean install.