Skins other than OSMC crashed constantly

I’m attaching the log of one of the many crashed I get when I don’t use OSMC skin.
In this case the log is for the “Phenomenal” skin.
When using is the video goes fuzzy and I have no other choice that unplug/plug the device.

Not all skins are Jarvis compatible, you should check for skin compatibility first as well as the Kodi forums to see if a Jarvis version has been made available

I’ll try that and report.

Just tried “transparency” for Jarvis.
Device crashed, this is the log:

Your log file shows that your OSMC install is somewhat out of date - please update using MyOSMC ->Updates and then check again whether you are still having the same issue afterwards.

If you can’t get in to Kodi due to it crashing, you can update from ssh like so:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Let us know if you still see crashes with other skins after this.

I use Black Glass Nova on my Vero 2 - no problems with that skin that I’ve experienced.

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I had to delete all “helper” addons of the old version of Eminence. Even the beta version of Emininence did not install the correct version of helper addons. This is very annoying therefore I just did a clean install and stay with OSMC until Eminence for Kodi 16.0 comes out of beta.


I did the commands and it told me that upgrades were available that I was up to date.
Changed to Black Nova and after 15 minutes it crashed.
I’m attaching pictures and log.

Does it repeatedly crash?

Does it crash on other skins?


It only doesn’t crash on the OSMC skin. All others, I’ve tested like 10, it crashes.

Does it crash on Confluence?

I see a couple of texture errors with BGN in your logs, but wouldn’t expect it to cause a crash. I also notice you’re using some add-ons we can’t support. If you installed this via a Repo or Wizard, that can cause issues with OSMC and is best avoided (at least disable and see if the issue goes away)


Could it be a temperature issue?
I’ll add a fan to the bottom and report :frowning:

I doubt it, but you can easily verify in milicelcius with cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp.

Does it crash on Confluence with the add-ons disabled?