Slowdown after update

Since the update I have several apps not working, but also my vero+ is very slow. opening addons and searching especially. Have gone back to a new kodi set up, but if I install a saved back up its just the same. Should I start from scratch and re install add ons from repositories or is there something else I should look at?

It’s hard to speculate without more information. I’d recommend disabling your add-ons and enabling them individually until you find the culprit


I have the same problem have 2 vero4ks one with the new update and the other with kodi 17.6 .The new version is soo slow have you heard the saying waiting for paint to dry where as 17.6 version is fast no waiting for addons to play flawless .Think i will stick to kodi 17.6 and put kodi 18.2 in the drawer a bit frustrating as have waited a long time for this update

As many people have written performance/reactiviness of Vero4k has improved with the latest version. If you experience the opposite you should provide debug logs and also indicate which addon give you an issue.
If the whole Vero4k feels slow the recommendation is to temporarily try a clean install to see if the problem is Addon related.

What are you doing when you experience the slowness?
If you are using add-ons; try making sure that you are running the latest version of them.