Small bug in Easter update

Very minor bug, but always worth mentioning, I guess.

Since the update yesterday, replacing a video file with a higher quality file now doesn’t show all properties in the bottom left hand corner (audio config, codec etc.). When the replacement file loads, the info pane no longer shows the aspect ratio. So, instead of this:

H.264 Full HD (1080) 2.40:1 it reads H.264 Full HD (1080)

This did work fine in the previous version(s)

Again, nothing major. Just worth flagging! :slight_smile:

This is indeed strange as the part responsible for showing the aspect ratio didn’t change - only the info labels in front of it.

Maybe this is an issue which arose with v18 and the wait it’s feeding the required information to the skin when replacing a file in the library. Did you use the gmc nightlies before or did you come straight from our last v17.6 release?