Smart playlists for "unknown" language audio tracks

I have setup a smart playlist to serve my non English speaking family members. Works wonders.

Just if anyone wonders how just an heads up: you must use the lower caps three letter as per this list: Alpha-3 codes arranged alphabetically by English name of Language - Codes for the representation of names of languages (Library of Congress)

Now I’d like to know how to select titles which have an “unknown” audio language track as “unknown” does not appear in that list.

Any ideas? Thank you

When I look at videos in MKVToolNix to remux them, those audio tracks show as unk

If you don’t have many title like this, MKVToolNix makes it easy to fix the info for the audio to the correct language. It just remuxes, so you will not loose quality.

Great. I actually just found one of the files and the audio language code is “und” in this case, not “unk”.

So for now a smart playlist with both “ita” and “und” seems to catch most.

How would I go about using MKVToolNix to find all files with an “unknown” code? Tried it with a wildcard but it does not seem to support that syntax-

Thanks a lot

If you are trying to search for all unknowns I’m not sure of the best way. You could try using mediainfo to find them. It would probably be a combination of something like find and mediainfo.

Opps. just checked and mediainfo does not seem to show this info. I need to look a little more.

EDIT: Try this

mediainfo -f filename.mkv | grep Audio_Lang

that will show the audio language if it’s set. If no language is set you will get no results

That’s what I get for answering from memory instead of double checking… You are correct it’s und (Undefined) not unk (Unknown)

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No need to apologise :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for helping.