SMB Bandwith Problem


some days ago I received my new Vero 4K and the first impression is very good.
But I struggle with testing its 4K capabilities.
My movie library is saved on a Windows 10 PC (access via SMB and connected via a Gigabit Ethernet Cable). The HD playback works very good without breaks or juddering. But when playing a 4K test video (Star Trek Beyond 2160p DTS HD MA) the video is extremly juddering. So I copied the movie to an external HDD, connected it with usb to Vero and the playback runs perfect.
So, is this a bug or problem with the network protocol (and is there hope of a solution within the near future?) or is accessing via SMB a not recommended way for 4K playback.

Thank you in advance

There’s other similar posts on this forum. Kodi 17 doesn’t cache ahead on LAN connections, but the Kodi wiki has instructions in how to enable caching on lan. This is probably the first thing to try.

I recommend mounting via fstab or using NFS