SMB connection loss with multiple connections

I connect via an ethernet connection from my OSMC RPi3 to a SMB share on a Windows 7 PC. Generally it works flawlessly. However, if I also access that share from my laptop, the Pi will lose connection until I reboot the PC. The laptop suffers no issues accessing the share during all of this. Is there a way to solve this issue?

Do you have an ip address conflict?

I didn’t think so - but checked anyway - and no. No conflict. All three devices are active at the same time individually. I can access the share at the same time from the Pi and an Android tablet, but not the Pi and the laptop. Was wondering if it was a protocol thing or… not sure.

nothing that I can think of. When the Pi stops working can you still ping the PC? Are you using hostnames or ip address, if the former, try the latter.

There is a setting that limits the number of simultaneous connections to a share. The default on my desktop Windows 7 Enterprise machine is 20, which should be way more than enough.

There are several ways to share a folder using Windows 7. Since I always use “Advanced Sharing”, I’m not sure what the defaults are for other methods, but you could check the properties of the share.