SMB connection working for some shares and not for other

Hi there,

I know there are a lot of similar questions around, but I cannot find the answer to mine, so I hope this post is not too annoying.

I am running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi and I have some media files on a Synology DS216j NAS which I want to access from OSMC/KODI via SMB. I have three different shares on my NAS that are supposed to all have the same access rights configured. Until yesterday, I was able to access all of them from KODI. But today, I can access only one of those shares from KODI and get “Operation not permitted” errors for the two others (using the same Login/Password). From my windows computer I can access all shares without any problem.

Now, the KODI error message is not really helpful to me and I did not manage to get any useful information from the log files. So my request would be whether you could give me some advice how to trace down the issue or maybe get some hints what could be wrong with my NAS config?

I appreciate any advice.

Thank you!


Try enabling the guest account on your synology

Thank you for your advice, martin_l. Indeed I can access the shares after I active the Guest account on my Synology.

But what could have gone wrong that acessing via User Name and Password is not working anymore. I might have entered a wrong password in some of my tries, but it should have been correct most of the time. I also tried another account I created on my Synology.

Glad it’s working.

I’ve not got an answer, but I don’t really care much either has the guest account has no permissions so can’t do damage and it works.

Has been that way for years.

I found a solution: I checked /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/passwords.xml and indeed the passwords stored there were wrong.

I have the impression that passwords.xml has not been updated correctly from the KODI GUI, i.e., for some reason entering the correct passwords from the GUI did not have any effect. (Actually I don’t know what would be the correct behavior if I had connections to the same SMB share e.g. in the Music and in the Video sections and change the password of only one of them)

Nevermind, it is working now without using the guest account.