SMB does not refresh from favourites

I have installed the SMB addon and it works fine except to update a share I have to go to settings->media->videos->find the source, then it updates the share.

Is there any way to force an update on the SMB share from the favourites menu? An option on the context menu to refresh would probably be sufficient. Is there a place to request that, as it is an addon do we have to find the author of the addon’s website or something like that?

Why is SMB not built in and enabled from the start, surely that is something is used quite heavily by the community?

Have you not added this as a library source? Logs would be useful so that we can see your config.

I would prefer not to add it as a library source because it is basically my download folder that I use over SMB from my windows 10 PC. My library sources come from my NAS over NFS. Once I am happy to keep something from my downloads folder, I move it to my NAS and from there it will show up in the library.

If the only option is to add to the library I will probably stick to what I do now which is refresh it every day through the media sources in settings.

Possible workaround: Add the directory through ‘Add videos’, make sure you keep “This directory contains” to none, enable the ‘exclude selected folder from scan’ option.
This source can be added to favourites and it won’t pollute your library (except the watched state of files but that was already the case).
This way you end up with up to date files from favourites and no junk visible in the real library.

I already have the source listed in favourites but it doesn’t refresh unless I go to settings and access it through the source there. So I think i have basically already done what you have stated, the only issue is that it doesn’t refresh when accessing it via favourites.

I am happy to have listed in favourites and happy to access it there, just wanted it to refresh when accessing it from there.

Once I get home I will double check that I have added it the way that you have suggested.

I think that going through favorites is what stops the update. I have a similar source (used in exactly the same way you do), and have it added directly to the home menu, and each time I enter the source, it updates with the new files and removes any files I have deleted.