Smb error: share not available

Having an issue since installing OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150308.img. On Alpha4, my samba shares on my Win7 PC and Drobo NAS would show when adding a samba source but no longer. Debug log is here

smb errors appear at line 1739


Why did you install that image?
It is a test image.
For testing.

Indeed, that was explicitly understood when installing it.


Have you tried re-adding the sources?
Not using the “Browse” button?
Typing the full path including SMB://

I had not previously but have now done so and they are available again, thanks. Any idea why they are not showing under browse button as before?

SMB browsing being intermittent has been an ongoing xbmc/kodi problem for as long as I can remember and I’ve been using it since the Xbox days. When adding manually use the IP address rather than the share name if it’s a static IP

That being the case, then @sam_nazarko deserves double extra kudos for making it as stable as it was in RaspBMC as I used it from early in the beta stage all the way to the last release and never experienced anything like what you’re mentioning with smb browsing.

Or was it just his and my incredible luck? :smile: