SMB hidden files

I have installed SMB on my osmc and I can see some files in my windows explorer. But I cannot see the hidden files. On OSMC settings I have marked the point “show hidden files”
What else can I do?


The above only applies to Kodi.

Have you enabled viewing of hidden files in windows folder options?

Sorry for my late reply, but yes in windows the folder option for hidden files is enabled.

Can you be a bit more specific ?

Are you sharing files from your SD card on OSMC to a windows client ? Are the “hidden” files starting with a period ? (This is the convention for hidden files in unix)

If the “hidden” files are on an external drive, what are they named as and what file system is the drive formatted with ?

In general, Samba does not handle hidden files very well especially if the shared files are on a non unix file system such as NTFS or FAT32. This is because unix and windows use completely different methods of marking files as hidden.