SMB links

Loaded a fresh OSMC from NOOBS and connections to my NAS won’t go. I added them as network places and then pointed my source to it. I believe the problem is the SMB1 problem. Is there a way to tell OSMC to use SMB1 instead of the latest?

Settings -> Services -> SMB version

Found it, but sadly, still have a problem. My other box had a mount problem, and you had us change the sources.list and do an update. I would guess it’s already in the new March issue? My NAS’s are older Dlink DNS-323’s.


From looking at tech specs for DNS-323, it looks like you need select smb1 for max protocal. Please confirm your selection?

Thanks Tom.

Yep, tried that. Out of time…Will try manual mounts when I get home later.
thank you

Instead of making it a ‘network’ place, loaded them in fstab. Ok with SMBv2