SMBUp - No route to host

I’ve setup my new Raspberry Pi 2 with OSMC and was successfully sharing my HDD connected to my Macbook through SMB, using the app SMBUp, for the last couple of days.

Now all of a sudden when I wan to access my HDD it gives me the following error: “No route to host”, followed by “Could not connect to network server”. Restarted SMBUp, rebooted OSMC, entered the network details again, … To no avail…

Anyone an idea what might be wrong here or what might have changed?

Tnx in advance.

Hmm, IP address of my Macbook changed :confused:
That was it.

Slightly off-topic, why does my internal IP address change?
Is there a way get around this?

Grtz, M.

Probably it is being assigned dynamically by your router. You can reserve the IP on your router to stop this happening:

Tnx, mate!