SNAT rule for OpenVPN in iptables

Hello all,

First, thanks for the good work made on OSMC! I’ve been using it for the last 3 months on an RPi 2 and I’m very happy with it! :+1:
As my RPi is up 24/7, I decided to install an OpenVPN server to be able to secure my browsing when using public connections.

Last step was to setup a SNAT rule in iptables to reroute the traffic coming from the VPN and obviously to male this rule persistent.
I’ve read several posts about this issue and I understood the following :

  • Connman does not support if-up scripts
  • ifupdown package does not work correctly with connman (script is only triggered at startup but only for the loopback interface)

Currently, after rebooting the RPi (I have installed ifupdown package), using a if-up script, the rule exists in iptables but does not work (= I can not browse anything with my device connected to the OpenVPN server). After I stop and start openvpn service with systemctl it’s working fine.

Can anybody tell me if the support of if-up scripts will be fixed at some point in OSMC (or connman) and if a workaround exists?