SOCKS support

Due to my ISP slowing down certain connections, I need to route my streaming through à SOCKS proxy.
The media is hosted on a FTP server.
I have setup the SOCKS parameters in KODI, but it looks like it has no effect.
On the contrary if I set up the SOCKS proxy on my computer’s Filezilla FTP client, I can observe a real improvement.

Any idea why Kodi would note use the proxy settings?
Any advice on how to force ismc route all traffic through a proxy?
Thank you!

Are you sure it’s not going through the proxy?

Better approach is to use something like polipo which lets you convert SOCKS to HTTP, which will work more a greater number of applications

Thank you sam_nazarko for your answer.

Sure? I am not.

I just observed the following:

  • on my PC, with filezilla without proxy the FTP transfers from my seedbox is about 200kb/s. If I activate the SOCKS proxy in filezilla I reach 700-800kb/s (close to my DSL max 900kb/s).
  • on KODI, I stream from the seedbox with FTP. Whenever the proxy setting is on or off I always have a poor 200kb/s (even after reboot of the raspi)
    This is why I conclude that KODI is not using the proxy setting for streaming via FTP.

However the proxy setting has an effect. When it is ON, the youtube addon is not working anymore…

I will look after “polipo”, but I am not skilled in internet protocols… I hope I will understand something here…