Soft migration to KODI 18

I don’t will doing it now, but after the first 18 beta. My configuration is 2 VERO4 (test and prod) the SQL DB is on synology NAS. SQL --> MariaDB V5. And I use TinyMediaManager for films and TVSeries.
That’s works and with the April H264 playback/buffer improves it’s much better. But also I will test Kodi V18, without risc for my"prod" configuratiopn.
What you think about, a third Vero4 for Kodi 18 beta, and switch here the advanced setting MariaDB to V10 (I think only port number change) and then use the sames directorys also for KODI 17 DB (MariaDB V5) as for the KODI 18 DB (Maria DB V10). Needs to,update each KODI DB.

I’m not sure if that would work smoothly.

But you can mysqldump backup your DB first and all of your userdata to see if it works.

If you convert one of your systems to V18, then it will copy the database to a new version. So after the upgrade any V18 client would use the new database, V17 clients would use the old database. Then can both use the same host.

Of course they won’t stay in sync with watched status and you have to add new content by running separate scans on the V17 and V18 clients.

Merci four your comments.
What I search is a “smart” switch from V17 -> V18 with my data, my add-ons. That nobody can do for me. What I don’t won’t is to have problems with my “working” V17.
First i’m not a part of a SAM Bank Holyday campaign, i’ven’t read it when I start my thread. For me the pricing of the Vero is a part of HD disc that I must buy sometime in the year. But thanks Sam I profite from your Bank Holiday.

Right and I do it since … for database but also for data directorys, too much work , I prefere buy some disc for my NAS

Right also for me.
Basicly I use Tiny Media manager to identify my movies and TV Series anf nfo.files to scrap with Kodi.

Now scraping V18 have new featiures pex inside music, (I’ve read some commits from Dave). What I don’t know is if the news features change something in the “KODI folder design”, when I run the Kodi V17 and V18 scrapper to the same data folders
The best way to kown is to try, also thanks for your participation . And thanks to Sam for the discount.

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Kodi 17/18 for media folders is 100% same. Data Folders (means the .kodi folders) are not shared unless you have put them on a NAS and use some extrafolder variables.

I have used Kodi 17 and 18 in a mixed environment. As @bmillham wrote you will end up with two independent databases until all devices upgraded to V18

Thanks for your reply. When I share music folder between V17 and V18 nothing change for artists info inside the data folder??

If you with data folder refer to the media folder (the folder which stores your music) nothing will change AFAIK

That is the info i search.

Just so you know, I think it will be a long time, maybe 6 months, before the first beta. The Kodi release cycle has slowed down

Maybe, I look everyday to Kodi Github and “think” that a lot of basic reworks is do everyday. But I think also that we have the summer hole, everybody needs holidays.
My check list V18 is:

  • double check if nof folder changes (Thanks to @fzinken)with my scrap settings.
  • check if I switch (on SynologyNAS with HDhomeRun) from DVBlink to TV Mosaic or go back to TVHeadend
  • working thubmnails creation (shared thumbnails folder) for multiuser.
    Also I try it. Otherwise KODI V17 works for me.

Synology Nas and DVBLink.
**For me the TV Frontend must run on my Synology NAS. Before I use DVB Link.
The TVHeadend SynologyCommunity version 4.2.6-13 works fine. Only issue for me (french user) my HDhomeruntuners are recongnized like DVB-C and not like DVB-T --> french TNT.
Stop the wizard, modify the settings of the HDhomrun Tuners, restart the wizard and it’s works. You can configure your env.
NB: Don’t forget that Synology TVH… 4.2 is Beta, also modify your Synology Paket settings to Beta -> yes.
And don’t forget to switch down after the installation.