Soft reset?

Wondered if a soft reset option via remote has been reconsidered? I remember you saying before that you probably wouldn’t, but it would be preferred to having to pull the plug on the occasion there Is a rare freeze.

If the device has truly frozen it likely won’t be listening to remote control signals.


We are going to use the hardware watchdog in the future to reboot if there is an occasional freeze.

I am more concerned that you are experiencing freezes however, and would prefer to address that issue first.



I’ve only experienced a handful of freezes and this is since having Vero 2 since launch, so it’s nothing to worry about. Could have been ttriggered by an error with my hard drive or anything, so it’s not concerned me too much. Would just have felt ‘safer’ to have a soft reset, rather than pulling the plug.

If it’s frozen, you unfortunately have to pull the plug. But we do an fsck on boot to prevent major issues with this, although it’s not recommended.

I’m still concerned your device is freezing. Try not using the HDD for a bit, that could be causing some problems.