[SOLVED] App store doesn't respond

So, made the jump from RaspBMC to OSMC. The (fresh) installation went fine (kudos for that: OSMC is easier to install than many Windoze apps)

Re-scraped Movie database (again: went fine)

Now it’s time to re-install Transmission, so I try to open the App store…
No reponse.
I can get to the “OSMC Settings” program, I can select Overclock, Network or other settings, but when I select App Store and click OK, nothing happens (Also, on keyboard: “Enter” nor “Space” works, with mouse: clicking nor double-clicking works.)

I must be doing something wrong. A pointer in the right direction would be appreciated.

Bad form to answer your own question, I know. Still, it might be helpfull to someone:

There was no issue with the App Store. The issue was with the network settings: I broke something.
Correcting the network settings (OSMC settings says: “Status Eth0: Connected” ) resolves the issue:
Now I can enter the App Store

I consider my *ss kicked. (That is what you get from not using DHCP)

There is no problem per se with not using DHCP - but you do need to know a little about what settings you need to set.
I rarely use DHCP on my local network, as my router (provided by ISP) is no good at setting things the way it says it will (total contrast to previous routers I have used)

Either you do it the easy way, and let DHCP manage things for you
or you do things manually, but then you are responsible for your own mistakes. As I was/am