[SOLVED] Clicking & Popping on Analog audio

Anyone else having an issue with this? When I start some new media I’ll get a pop on my speakers. I’ve had the same problem with via the jack on the Pi and analog out from my TV. I also get them going from video to video in a playlist.

Edit: Sometimes they’re just chirps.

Searching for the word ‘pop’ turned up this as one of the first matches…

I thought that might be the issue so I tried setting the keep alive to always a couple days ago. I’m still getting the chirps and pops when changing media.

Interesting: The pops & chirps don’t get quieter or go away when lowering the volume or muting.

Update: When using the Pi’s analog out directly to receiver with Keep audio device alive = Always, the chirps and pops go away. I seem to be getting a bit of static/hiss but not too noticeable.

Good enough for government work, anyway. Thanks for the help.