[solved] Disable automatic change to HDMI at startup

Hi guys,

is there a possibility to disable the automatic TV Source Change to HDMI when the Vero boots up?

My vero is connected to a Denon X2200W which is only used to watch movies. If the TV (LG OLED65B8) is on and using the Netflix app and i decide to turn the Denon on, the TV automatically changes to HDMI when the Vero boots up.
I dont want to disable CEC completely, because i really enjoy using my Magic Remote as vero input.
Therefore only disabling the automatic Change to HDMI would be great.

Is there any way to do that?

Have a look in CEC settings in Settings->System->Input->Peripherals->CEC

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Damn, that’s exactly what I searched. I just didn’t expect it there.
Thank you! Problem solved.